Boat Pens

Port Bouvard is a beautiful Western Australian marina renowned for its peaceful surrounds and tranquil environment. As a ‘Green Marina’, boat owners and visitors can be assured of an idyllic getaway, with no industry, major maintenance works, or heavy commercial activity permitted on-site.

Port Bouvard’s floating jetties provide a secure and safe haven, with each jetty only accessible through a secure gatehouse, which utilises a security card system. The same card also gives pen holders access to secure parking, as well as private facilities and the boat ramp area.

Port Bouvard Marina – Boat Pens

At Port Bouvard, each pen is fully serviced with power and water. Access to sullage pump-out is also available and conveniently located on the main fuel jetty.

Our boat pens are leased on a convenient monthly basis, but if preferred you can pay for longer periods. Space is always available for overnighters or those wishing to stay for a weekend, a week, or more.

At Port Bouvard Marina, too much of a good thing is never enough! Visitors can enjoy excellent fishing and crabbing in the estuary waters or ocean, explore the many canals, or simply kick back with a drop of wine and relax.

Pen Mooring Requirements

Because Port Bouvard Marina consists of a floating jetty system, no allowance is required for the tide when mooring a boat. Use of the recommended mooring ropes, plus a good fender or two, will adequately secure your boat in all conditions. The boat will be best moored if the ropes are as short as possible and tied reasonably tight.

Each pen is provided with four cleats, two on the walkway and two on the finger. The cleat on the fillet is fixed but the other three can be adjusted to suit the boat. Loosen the two bolts with a spanner, slide the cleat to the required position and firmly tighten the bolts.

Each pedestal contains a 240-volt, 16-amp, single phase, power point per pen and a shared domestic water tap. Only 15-amp power cords with moulded plugs are acceptable.

To avoid the risk of personal injury, no part of the vessel, including attachments and fittings, is to overhang the walkway.

Mooring ropes are to be of adequate strength and in good condition. They are to be a minimum of 16mm diameter and it is recommended that you use soft ropes of good quality. A few extra dollars spent on good mooring ropes will make it easier to tie up your boat and prevent it from breaking free in bad weather. Ropes can be protected from fraying by using clear plastic tubing over the rope where necessary – the ropes should be replaced if they become frayed. Mooring ropes may be spliced to the cleats if required – Dawe’s Bait and Tackle can provide a splicing service. A selection of ropes is available from the Bait & Tackle shop.

Fenders may be left attached to the cleats, if preferred.

To ensure the safety and convenience of all persons, walkways and fingers are to be kept clear of obstacles. Hoses and ropes may be left in place if they are coiled and kept out of the way.

Dinghies, canoes, kayaks, surfboards, etc., are not to be left on the walkway or fingers, nor tied to the ends of the fingers. Bicycles are to be kept on-board and are not to be ridden on the jetty.

Do not assume that a pen is vacant because there is no boat in it.

Port Bouvard Marina is located at

45 Rees Place, Wannanup

For further information:

or phone: (08) 9534 6444(08) 9534 6444